The 2nd term of the MODX Advisory Board

2017 was good to MODX with lots of meetups, bug hunts, a MODXpo, hackathons, hundreds of bug fixes, various improvements, exciting new community initiatives and regular MODX releases. 2018 will produce the results with the launch of MODX3. A lot of input for MODX3 comes from the first MODX Advisory Board and it is time to have a second term.

Before the Easter Holiday, MODX Revolution 2.6.2 was made available. It contains many bug fixes and enhancements to keep you busy while some exciting new features are finished for 2.7 (and MODX 3).

MODX 3 Weekly Update #7

Week 7 was an exciting week for MODX3. Vasily finished the new Dashboard architecture. It needs testers now, lots of them! The MODX3 team got a new member and we're working on finishing up the MODX Template Preview feature.

MODX3 Weekly Update #5

Week 5 of the MODX3 project is over! This week the project team received several amazing sponsorship offers and a good amount of donations. There was also progress on the login screen, media sources, a new create-resource flow, and more.

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