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Analysing and Fixing common MODX Problems with SiteCheck

Bob Ray has been a well-known MODX contributor for a long time, and with SiteCheck he has put a lot of his knowledge and experience into a single extra. SiteCheck analyses your entire MODX site, trying to find common and not-so-common issues and it provides you with a list of what needs to be fixed. If you want to, it can also correct a lot of these issues automatically. 

This is the story of a Snippet I once wrote, how it started out as a very simple way of doing a specific task and how MODX enabled it to become something more -- something super.

New Extra in beta: Formalicious

The team at Sterc is once again working on something cool! This time it's called Formalicious, and it's a new extra for MODX that lets you build forms easily. We gave the new beta a quick spin for you, our lovely readers.