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Getting the MODX RTFM into Dash

Dash is an awesome application for Mac that lets you browse and search through documentation for all kinds of languages and frameworks, all offline. It's a great tool, and now, thanks to it is possible to also browse the MODX documentation from within Dash. 

Simplicity matters for your users

Simplicity is important for your users that work on your content. It empowers them, rather than confuse them, but that doesn't mean you can't have powerful features at the same time. In this editorial from Mark at modmore, we look at rich text editors, and how you can do your users a big favour. 

When using the media sources API in MODX to upload files, you might run into issues with files being renamed on upload by plugins like FileSluggy and filetranslit. We did. We finally found a fix for our extras, and would like to share the solution with others who might run into the same issue.

Our loyal Release Robot Robbie has compiled a list of new and updated MODX Extras in the week of April 18, 2016. The updates this week include GoogleStoreLocator, Text2Image, ClickToCall, PDFresource, FileAttach, controlErrorLog, Gateway for SimpleCart, BBBx, pdoTools, AdminTools, SiteAtoZ, Subscribe and UpgradeMODX. now runs on HTTPS

Hooray! Following renewed calls for HTTPS support on, the team has made the necessary changes, and as of today you will browse the website securely. 

Earlier this week a change was made to the GitHub branching strategy for the MODX core to make the different branches easier to understand. There is no more master or develop, instead there are now 2.x, 2.4.x and 3.x branches to work with.