We have been focused on getting the right content that fits our community and content that delivers value to our attendees. We have decided to come up with a motto for this year's MODXpo to help maintain this vision: 

“Power-Up your Workflow!”

Wikipedia defines power-ups as:
In video games, power-ups are objects that instantly benefit or add extra abilities to the game character as a game mechanic.

Our focus for this year’s MODXpo will be fine-tuning our skills in the area of workflow. Potential topics include using MODX with various frontend and backend toolsets, Atomic Design, avoiding the waterfall, simplifying site setup, living style guides, Manager UX tips, and improving site performance and maintainability. We are also open for suggestions from you! It is not too late to suggest topics that you would love to learn more about.

MODXpo 2015 to be on November 21-22 in Munich, Germany

The MODXpo is back! This year, MODXpo Europe will take place in Munich, Germany, during the weekend of November 21st-22nd. In the first MODX.today guest post, Organiser Benjamin Davis is excited to announce the launch of the conference website, and to invite potential speakers to get in touch.

Introducing the first group of speakers

I would like to share with you the first group of speakers who are ambitious enough to help us make this a memorable conference.

Hans Christian Reinl

Hans is a freelance web developer living in Germany who not only does client work, but is also very active in the open source community. He takes part in various OS projects such as INIT and HTML5 Boilerplate, plus he tries to move the web forward by sharing his experience and expertise with others. Means to that end include his work on a wildy recognized Podcast called Working Draft, and his organization of the Nightlybuild.io web conference. His broad knowledge of web technology will make an excellent contribution to MODXpo.

Susan Ottwell

Well-known in the MODX community, Susan has been programming in PHP for nearly 15 years and has been using MODX since the very beginning. She spends hours on end helping people in the MODX community via the forum, and has been a regular speaker at past MODXpos. She is well-versed in MODX setups and workflows and will have a lot to say at this year's MODXpo. She loves to teach others about her favorite CMS / CMF and we are happy to have her again.

Anselm Hannemann

Anselm also gave a memorable talk at the MODXpo in 2013 and his energy was so infectious that we practically begged him to come again! Anselm is a cutting edge freelance frontend developer that also is involved in many open source projects, namely Open Device Lab, INIT and the Responsive Images Community Group. Anselm also makes regular appearances on the Working Draft podcast, sharing his expertise in the areas of usability, performance and maintainability.

He also organizes the Nightlybuild.io and Pubkon Publishing conferences. Eager to help others, Anselm is another amazing contributor to this year's MODXpo.

Mark Willis

A senior PHP developer at the UK digital agency, Adi.do, Mark has tons of experience putting together large scale web projects. He and Chris Cherrett have been busy building extras.io and launching their new extras Preview and Workflow. Working mostly behind the scenes with MODX, he does a lot of custom development and manager updates for clients. His technical expertise with MODX on multi-server setups will be a great asset to this year's MODXpo.

Mark Hamstra

Needing no introduction, Mark is wildly known throughout the MODX-isphere. He is the CEA at modmore and his contribution to the community through the forum and the releasing of many important extras make him no stranger when it comes to open source and web development. His company modmore creates outstanding MODX premium extras with great documentation. His passion for the MODX community and his deep knowledge of MODX make him a must-have speaker for this year's conference.

And last but not least :)

Steven James McLean

Steven comes from the Microsoft .net world but once he discovered MODX he kissed it all goodbye! He is a well rounded developer using modern frontend and backend technologies and is especially well-versed in MODX security. Working at an award winning digital agency, Zheta International, he has become skilled not only in web development, but also SEO and Online Marketing - most recently Ethical Hacking as well. He has been studying the methods of hackers and can't wait to share what he has discovered!

We are still looking for more speakers for the 2 day conference and if you are interested, you can fill out our form here.

And if you are looking to sponsor this year's MODXpo, please give a shout out to Jay Gilmore from MODX. We are currently putting together attractive sponsoring packages that will give a wide spectrum of possibilities to promote your business at MODXpo.

Our speakers so far are traveling from Malta, Israel, the Netherlands, the UK and of course Germany. I personally can't wait to see who else is going to speak!

We still have some tricks up our sleeves with more announcements regarding ticket pricing and conference schedule. You can sign up for the newsletter at 2015.modxpo.eu to get the quickest delivery of information, or follow us on twitter!