On Wednesday, Bert Oost announced that he will stop maintaining SimpleCart. Since taking on a full time job, Bert has been struggling trying to find enough time to maintain and support it and he announced he's looking for someone to take over the project

Here's what Bert had to say:

It wasn't an easy decision to stop the SimpleCart operations. Since OostDesign isn't a fulltime job anymore, it takes too much time to guarantee a good e-commerce solution. Last weeks I tried to get SimpleCart covered by someone else, like other well known MODX companies and individual developers. Unfortunate none of them where interested, or they're planning their own e-commerce solution for MODX. With mixed feelings I need to stop SimpleCart. Keep trying to give SimpleCart a next life.

Bert Oost, OostDesign

As Bert said, this is not the end for SimpleCart. Instead, it's an opportunity for someone else with more time to give SimpleCart a second chance. 

There is no confirmation yet on when or by who SimpleCart will be adopted, and for now SimpleCart licenses can still be bought via the website, though it no longer includes support or upgrades. By the end of the year SimpleCart will be shut down completely unless it is taken on by someone else before that.