Our loyal Release Robot Robbie has compiled a list of new and updated MODX Extras in the week of December 14, 2015.
  • AjaxForm 1.1.4-pl, released on 2015-12-15 View Changelog

  • modAjaxify a simple ajax page loader 1.3.0-beta, released on 2015-12-16 View Changelog

  • SEO Tab 1.2.2-pl, released on 2015-12-18 View Changelog


    Changelog for StercSEO.

    StercSEO 1.2.2-pl

    - Changed author- Removed development files- Added automatically adding 301 redirects if alias of page is changed #42- Added option to set params outerTpl and rowTpl for StercSeoSiteMap snippet #52

    StercSEO 1.2.1-pl

    - Fixed 301 redirect do not match URLS containing & and %  #32

    - Fixed bug with clearing resource URI would add unnecessary 301 redirects

    StercSEO 1.2.0-pl

    - Changed style for MODX 2.4

    - Multiple context support inside sitemap

    StercSEO 1.1.2-pl

    - Added ability to hide SEOTab for certain contexts (Todo: also add usergroups and templates)

    StercSEO 1.1.1-pl

    - Optimized 301 grid for MODX 2.3.x

    StercSEO 1.1.0-pl

    - Changed save function on new document

    StercSEO 1.0.10-pl

    -Reversed Pull request #30 for not working properly

    StercSEO 1.0.9-pl

    -Fixed wide vtabs body for MODX 2.3

    StercSEO 1.0.8-pl

    - Fixed disappearing values when only update 301 redirects. This also fixes the multi context bug. 

    - Removed custom CSS for MODX 2.3

    StercSEO 1.0.7-pl


    - Test against explicit removal from sitemap #30

    - Get defaults from modx settings. Add Context aware redirects #28

    StercSEO 1.0.6-pl

    - Fix OnPageNotFound #23

    StercSEO 1.0.2-pl


    - Fixed the install for plugin events

    - Changed datetime format for Google Sitemap

    StercSEO 1.0.1-pl


    - Loading tab with Articles

    - Added RU localization

    - French translation

    - Update transport.snippets.php

    - Enable drag&drop sorting creating redirects

    - Changed the sitemap

    StercSEO 1.0.0-pl


    - Initial release

  • SimpleCart 2.3.2-pl, released on 2015-12-18 View Changelog

    • Fix duplicate placeholderPrefix for coupon errors [#49]
    • Make sure Save button on resource update is always enabled [#29]
    • Fix checking boolean value in installer for Use CSS option [#16]
    • Fix email templates getting overridden by scFinishOrder snippet properties [#28]
  • Cool PHP captcha 1.3.0-pl, released on 2015-12-19 View Changelog


    There is no changelog available for this release.