Since the last MODXpo in 2015, a lot has happened in the MODX community. The MODX Advisory board was created, an English version of was launched, working groups were created to help improve certain parts of MODX, and much more. And so it’s time to bring the community together again to share our experiences and help move MODX forward.

Republic of Belarus

MODXpo 2017 will be hosted in Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

Why Belarus?

Well, in the past couple of years, the popularity of MODX has exploded in Russian-speaking countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakstan, etc.). MODXpo 2017 hopes to combine the Russian-speaking community with the communities in Europe and the USA. Belarus is in a great central location, with good transport and is a safe and beautiful country.

Not only that, but Minsk has a thriving tech community. Our version of Silicon Valley is Hi-Tech Park. Products such as Viber, MSQRD (bought by Facebook), Juno (bought by Gett) and many others were invented and developed in Belarus.

And a bonus: if you’re from a country in the European Union, USA, Canada (or another ~80 countries), there’s no need for a visa for short visits (up to 5 days).

Venue and organizers

The event will be held in the Minsk International Education Centre and our main sponsor is Exponent, who specialize in exhibitions and offline events.

MODXpo 2017 is being organised by MODX Ambassador Ivan Klimchuk, the MODX Belarus community, the MODX Community Ambassadors and MODX, LLC.

Speakers and topics

As this event is to encourage cooperation between different communities, this will be a multilingual event in both English and Russian (there will be translators). We have a shortlist of speakers from different countries.

We are still on the look out for speakers and topics, however. If there’s a topic you’d like to talk about, please let us know using the form below:

Speak at MODXpo 2017 in Minsk

Or if you have any thoughts on what topics you’d like to hear about, let us know here:

Topic Ideas for MODXpo 2017 in Minsk

What next?

The team are working hard to get everything organised for the event. The MODXpo 2017 website will launch soon which will contain all the info you need. Follow us on Twitter (@MODXpo) and stay tuned.

Cheers and hopefully see you in Belarus!