It's been a long time since MODX 2.7.1 in February this year. Today MODX 2.7.2 has been made available, bringing useful stability and security improvements.

First-off, the security-related fixes:

  • A security update for PHPMailer has been included
  • The setup will now be locked when it has been executed, avoiding your site from getting taken over if you (despite the warnings) leave the setup directory in place.
  • Several XSS vulnerabilities in the manager have been corrected, including in the contexts grid and trash manager
  • The extension checks in the file upload handling now apply to extracting zip files
  • The default RSS feeds on the homepage are now loaded over HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • Prevent users without edit_locked permission from editing locked elements

2.7.2 also includes PHP/MySQL compatibility fixes:

  • Escape usage of the field name "rank", which is a newly reserved word in MySQL 8.0.2
  • Deprecated calls to create_function() (in modProcessor and modConnectorResponse) and each() (in lang.js.php processor) have been fixed
  • Fix notices related to IMG_WEBP constant, following introduction of webp support in 2.7.1, in PHP versions that don't announce webp support
  • Restored PHP 5.3 compatibility that was accidentally removed in 2.7.0 (but really, you should be using at least PHP 7.2 by now)

Finally, other miscellaneous fixes to give you a more stable experience:

  • Descriptions for system settings can now contain a limited, safe, subset of html
  • Allow empty captions when duplicating template variables
  • Prevent JS errors in edge cases when the modx-content is not yet available
  • Nested items in the manager menu now show the "there's a submenu here" indicator
  • Improve value checking for the url_scheme setting when set to -1
  • Fix automatically publishing resources a second too late
  • Fix pngs losing transparency in template variables
  • Add default scroll styles in webkit based browsers
  • "Manager Actions" is now "Manager Log"
  • phpThumb updated so images with transparency don't get a black background when converted to a different version
  • Fix file type check in media sources disregarding the upload_images setting
  • Fix thumbnail rendering for files with a space in the URL
  • Fix message shown to users when they login after their account was blocked by too many incorrect login attempts
  • Use proper icon when setting descending sort order on a grid
  • Don't execute the upgrade script for the last installed version twice
  • Fix friendly_alias_realtime setting not being properly reflected
  • The value "0" is now considered not empty in the modRestController

All-in-all, this is a very welcome stability release.

Read the official announcement and download 2.7.2 from to upgrade your site manually.

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