MODX Revolution 3.0 has proven to be one of our best releases ever. Today we released Revolution 3.0.2 to continue with improvements. In this release some notable fixes and improvements include enabling SVGs preview thumbnails for image TVs, added support for WebP images in the Media Browser, fixed various PHP compatibility issues and UX fixes for a number of views and inputs. See the changelog below.

MODX Meetup Africa #2

With the motto MODX est utilisé en Afrique! ("MODX is used in Africa"), 20TH SHY ZONE Media is currently organising the second MODX meetup on the African continent on November 26, 2022.

The MODXpo 2022 budget

Organising a MODXpo takes a lot of time and effort, and money too. In this post I'm trying to shed some light on the finances of the 2022 MODXpo.

Seen at the MODXpo: Dashbored

At the MODXpo, I shared a first look at Dashbored. And no, that's not a typo, that's what it is called!

Dashbored is a fun little extra for MODX3 that gives you 6 new dashboard widgets to play with. Including a weather widget, daily quotes, SiteDash metrics, and even the dino game from Chrome!

Plus, it's free. Who doesn't like free?

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