Belgrade meetup recap

Sterc has published a recap of the MODX Meetup in Belgrade that took place a few weeks ago. Read more about the talks, and access a full recording if you'd like to watch the whole thing.

MODX Meetup in Brighton

We welcome you to Brighton's first-ever MODX meetup on June 19th! Organized by Finetuned Limited, enjoy an afternoon in a classic Regency period townhouse filled with talks, food, and drinks with other MODX enthusiasts.

We welcome you to Belgrade's first-ever MODX meetup on April 19th! Organized by Sterc Online Agency, we take you along an afternoon filled with talks, food, and drinks with other MODX enthusiasts. Don't know what to expect? Let's go!

On April 9, 2024, we released MODX Revolution 2.8.7. This patch release of Revo 2, addresses PHP compatibility—especially with image previews across PHP 7.4 and 8.x. In addition to the PHP-related updates, a few other good old fashioned bugs were purged. The end result is a lot smaller error log and a much improved UX that content editors can enjoy.

This release includes some quality of life and user interface improvements for site managers and developers including a fix for the datepicker on Resources created in Revo 2.x, the addition of the displaying the username on the confirmation screen of a password change, as well as many more under-the-hood performance and operational improvements and fixes.

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