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MODX Cloud is now in Frankfurt

MODX Cloud is now available in Frankfurt, Germany! In addition to the existing locations of Amsterdam and Texas, users can now request access to clouds in Frankfurt. The team has also released the ability to restore backups to any cloud instance, upgraded the platforms to PHP 5.6 and more.

Following the MODX 2.6.5 release last week containing a critical security fix, today it has become clear that Gallery 1.7.0 (and before) are also vulnerable to a very similar vulnerability that can lead sites fully compromised. These exploits are being actively exploited, right now.

Why isn't MODX more popular?

Why isn't MODX more popular? Why is it that WordPress has over 20% of global market share, but most agencies or designers have never heard of MODX? And what can we do to grow the MODX community? 

What's new in MODX 2.5?

MODX Revolution 2.5 is out! The first pre-release was released last night, and we'd like to give you a walk through of what's new and improved in this release. 

What do we know about MODX 3 so far?

Over the past few weeks, lead architect Jason "opengeek" Coward has been sharing his vision about the future of MODX on Medium. Based on that, and other discussions, what do we know about MODX 3? What is its status, and when can we expect to see something?