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What is pdoTools? (Part 1)

After creating a fresh MODX install, the next step is often to install a number of extras to add functionality to the site. By providing alternatives for 9 different snippets, pdoTools can be a useful and fast alternative. The author, Vasily Naumkin, shares with you the highlights of pdoTools in the first of three article about pdoTools.

As we learned in the first post about pdoTools, the main benefit of pdoTools is speed. In this second post we'll look at how pdoTools can be faster, and some more cool features that the library provides.

A better way of storing TV Values

When using checkbox, listbox and radio type TVs, you are probably used to defining the values in the TV properties. But if you want to change those values to fix a typo, you will lose the selections on all resources that have that value selected. The team at Qaraqter found that unacceptable, and came up with a solution in the form of a new extra called Set Input Options, which is available today.