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On February 25th, Graeme Leighfield of GEL Studios hosted a MODX Meetup in London at the Google Campus. There were three talks this evening, including Gauke Pieter Sietzema about a remote MODX dashboard called MODX Control, Mark Hamstra about setting up a workflow with Gitify, and Mark Willis demoing the Preview and Workflow extras.

MODX Core Architect, Jason Coward, shares his position about how to keep MODX relevant in the future. From code standards to fully unit tested code and microservices. For anyone interested in what MODX 3 may look like, architecturally speaking, this is a very recommended read.

MODX Revolution 2.5.8 is available

MODX Revolution 2.5.8 has been released. This version contains over 30 bug fixes, varying from improvements to the media browser to fixed xPDO validation rules. Many of these fixes were contributed during the last MODX Bug Hunt, hosted in Munich, Germany, with contributors from all over the world.

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2 Full days jam-packed with MODX activities organised for you & the community. Presentations & workshops delivered by seasoned MODX Developers. Besides that, there's a lot of the usual informal activities - Minsk is calling!

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To make the MODXpo 2017 in Minsk the best possible MODX conference, we're looking for sponsors! We offer companies and users several levels of support for the conference. In addition, we will consider any options for cooperation and support offered by you.