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New Extra: PassChecker

Census has released their first MODX extra this week in the form of PassChecker. When a user logs in to the manager, PassChecker makes sure that they are using a secure password and prompts them to change it if it has been previously compromised.

MODX3 Weekly Update #4

In this week's MODX3 update: Featuring work on media sources using Flysystem, launch, create-resource workflow UX and increased transparency.

MODX3 Weekly Update #5

Week 5 of the MODX3 project is over! This week the project team received several amazing sponsorship offers and a good amount of donations. There was also progress on the login screen, media sources, a new create-resource flow, and more.

For many years we've been talking about MODX3, and in the past few months we've been in the final sprint towards getting it released. Today MODX3 officially enters the release candidate phase with version 3.0.0-rc1.