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At the MODX Coding Convention Cologne, most of the website you're viewing today was built. In this slightly-but-not-really technical post, we share what technologies were used and how you can do the same to build a really awesome website in a short period of time. There was already a very simple website for the podcast, and a rough idea in Chris's head on how to make it, but other than that it was all done in the weekend.

When using the media sources API in MODX to upload files, you might run into issues with files being renamed on upload by plugins like FileSluggy and filetranslit. We did. We finally found a fix for our extras, and would like to share the solution with others who might run into the same issue.

MODX 2.4 is out! And 2.3.6 too!

It's release time again! Today the MODX team has officially released 2.4 (and 2.3.6). This release ships with numerous improvements and cool new features you can start playing with today. 

After last week's release of v2.8.0 was quickly diagnosed with some issues, v2.8.1 has just been released with more security fixes and improvements.

ModX, modX, MODx or MODX?

Throughout the history of our awesome CMS, figuring out how the word is capitalised hasn't always been easy. answers this life long question.