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As part of this years' MODXpo, we're hosting the first-ever Best MODX Website Award. Online and in-person attendees had until early June to submit their sites, and the judges have finished their reviews!

modmore launches new Video Library

Today modmore has launched a new Video Library with educational MODX videos. The first batch of videos includes a primer on how caching works, a showcase of the getCache extra to optimise templates further, and a dive into some other cool ways to apply the MODX parser. Videos are available from the Video Library, and modmore's YouTube channel.

Powered by modmore, we're excited to announce the next edition of the international MODX conference MODXpo! On Friday July 8th 2022 (just two short months from now), you're invited to join us in Arnhem, the Netherlands, for a one-day single-track conference filled with talks about front-end development, back-end development, business, and everything MODX related.