It’s been two whole years since the last official MODXpo took place, and the community is ready to come together again to share their knowledge and experiences. The MODXpo is a great platform to meet like-minded MODX professionals, to meet members of the MODX team, expand freelance networks, and learn more about the web technology behind one of the most flexible content management frameworks, MODX.

MODXpo will be held in Munich, Germany and will start on Saturday the 21st of November 2015 and go on until Sunday the 22nd. Not only is Munich known as the beer capital of the world, and being the home of the official Oktoberfest, it is also a major European hub for the hi-tech industry. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Jetbrains have offices here.

Kochan & Partner, a Munich agency specialising in corporate branding, graphic design, and web development are acting as one of the major sponsors and host of the MODXpo. It will take place in their “Hall 27”, a convention hall that has been the location of other various events, including Webfont Day.

The MODXpo is being organised with the help of the MODX Ambassador from Munich, Benjamin Davis, the MODX Munich Meetup Group, the MODX Community Ambassadors and Jay Gilmore from the MODX, LLC.

The MODX Community speaks its mind

As of right now, the MODX community can have a say as to what topics they want to have presented. On the website,, visitors can fill out a form to help guide the development and planning of the event. Getting fresh and up-to-date content is critical for the success of the event, and the organisers have turned to the amazing MODX community for input.

Why not present at MODXpo Munich?

The organisers are also looking for inspired men and women to present at the MODXpo. On the website, potential speakers can make themselves be known. They may submit a form to describe what they would like to present about. The team behind the development of this year’s MODXpo is gathering a list of speakers and will get in contact with all who submit. Anyone can qualify as a speaker, if they are professional and passionate about their topic.

For more information, visitors of can fill out a subscription form to automatically be kept in the loop or one can regularly check the website. The MODX website and forums will also be a good source of information.