Here's the deal. We're publishing content pretty much daily here on, and we can't publish serious articles, tutorials and actual news every day. So we're taking it easy this Friday, by sharing with you one of my favourite threads on the MODX forums, like, ever

You know you've spent too much time with MODX when.. 

... you have dreams about people in the forums that you don't even know (jaredloman)

... you can type backticks eyes closed while you have to look at your keyboard when you need to type an apostrophe (romain)

... you advise normal people to not follow you on twitter because all your tweets are with a weird cult that talk about strange things and include an unpronounceable hash tag. (scottborys)

... you're more worried about your cache than what your significant other is doing with the joint credit card. (sparkyhd

... you finish song LMFAO "Everyday I`m shuffl..." with MODXing (konishoa)

... you know Mark's sleep, or lack thre of, schedule by heart (jpdevries); followed by:

... people start figuring out your sleeping pattern (markh)

... you create snippets to do ordinary tasks, like feeding your kids. (sepiariver)

... the hardest part about switching between a PC and Mac keyboard is the location of the ` backtick. (markh)

... while getting treatment for lyme disease, you sue your doctor and his clinic for his bad remarks toward ticks, in fact you are so attached you won't let him remove the ticks from your back. (donshakespeare)

... when shutting down the development system is just a prelude to crawling into bed ... and turning on the kindle to keep reading about MODX. (captainstarbuck)

... when there are too many things you know you could add to this thread but you're too embarrassed to continue. (captainstarbuck)

... when your "pillow talk" consists of extolling the virtues of MIGx, and your SO understands what you're talking about because MODx is almost all you've talked about for years, or when nobody is surprised to find you online in the forums at 3 AM. (sottwell)

And finally, this elaborate one by pixelchutes:

Be sure to check out the original thread for some more, and leave a comment if you can think of any other great signs. 

Have a great weekend!