Our loyal Release Robot Robbie has compiled a list of new and updated MODX Extras in the week of April 04, 2016.
  • Updater 0.3.10-beta, released on 2016-04-06 View Changelog


    UPDATER - the universal update notifier

    0.3.10-beta  (06.04.2016)

    • refixed recoverable error in log (thanks @sotwell)
    • fix: changed download protocols to https

    Also see forum thread for basic support and more information at http://forums.modx.com/thread/?thread=96613

    You can also ask questions at the Slack channel #extras in modxcommunity.slack.com.

  • ContentBlocks 1.4.1-pl, released on 2016-04-05 View Changelog

    • Only hide delete button on repeater fields [#380]
    • Fix E_NOTICE caused by lexicon files
    • Fix the template builder being broken since 1.4 [#385]
    • Hide filter options on subfield grids [#383]
    • Fix ID conflicts in the subfield grids when editing a repeater
  • pdoTools 2.3.5-pl, released on 2016-04-06 View Changelog

  • MoreGallery 1.4.0-pl, released on 2016-04-06 View Changelog

    • Fix logic issue in fetching tags, causing errors to appear in the log when using tags. [S8392]
  • ToggleTVSet 1.2.3-pl, released on 2016-04-07 View Changelog

    • Fixing javascript issues with not valid hide/show tv values
    • Fixing issue with the getTVLabel output filter and not found placeholder name
    • Fixing issue with the getTVNames output filter and not found TV ID
  • LangRouter 1.0.6-pl, released on 2016-04-07 View Changelog

    • Caching issue with the context map
  • Bootstrap 1.0.26-pl, released on 2016-04-09 View Changelog

    • Updated bootstrap/vendor/js/jquery.js to v1.12.3
    • Updated bootstrap/vendor/js/jquery.modern.js to v2.2.3
  • SiteAtoZ 1.3.0-pl, released on 2016-04-10 View Changelog


    Version 1.2.0


    • Make default sort order alpha ascending within sections (thanks to Jsewill)
    • Hide unsearchable docs by default (thanks to isaacniebeling)
    • Add &hideUnsearchable property (thanks to isaacniebeling)

    Version 1.1.0


    • Add option to have no CSS file (thanks to Jako)
    • Add option to use TV for title search (thanks to Jako)
    • Add option to use snippets other than getResources (thanks to Jako)
    • Removed extraneous span tag (thanks to Jako)
    • Prevent output of empty sections (thanks to Jako)
    • Fix JS to handle missing sections
    • Improved output (thanks to Jako)
    • Fix potential E_NOTICE bugs

    Version 1.0.3


    • Fixed bug in transport package
    • Added tutorial to docs

    Version 1.0.2


    • Added JS to hide and show sections

    Version 1.0.1


    • Added option to combine number categories

    SiteAtoZ 1.0.0


    • Initial Version