This July a GoFundMe campaign was created for MODX Community member Travis Love. The campaign was a great success, surpassing its goal in less than two months. The good people of the GoFundMe Team were so moved they donated $1,000 themselves. Yet again the MODX Community reminded us that amazing software isn't the only thing that brings us together.

The Living with Love GoFundMe campaign assists Travis with some new technology and a renovation which enables him to continue to exercise his digital creativity and stay in touch with his doctors. I found myself wondering what will this room be like for Travis? What will he put on his walls? Reflecting on when I first discovered MODX and conversations Travis and I shared about fan art concepts, I had an idea. We'll make a poster.

With wide brush strokes depicting the MODX logo cropped in a heart and thick white lettering reading Love What You Do, this poster reminds us to do just that

The MODX Community is vast and diverse, but we all share at least one thing in common. We all love what we do. Through his graphics, art, and creativity, Travis remains a continuous source of inspiration and optimism for the MODX Open Source project. And we need that. Open Source is tough. Contributors work tirelessly to solve complex problems and provide a community with free software. But we don't always get it right. We spend so much time on issues, we can lose sight of why we're here in the first place. We can get burned out and overwhelmed with the daunting task of chipping away at world–class software. Over the years Travis has inspired us to brave the bounds of our creativity while reminding us to keep it simple and love what we do.

Through continuos support, community members like Travis keep the MODX project going. So it is important the MODX Community continues to support Travis.

Screen printed by hand on 12x18" (30x46cm) "gig size" Black Licorice French Paper, this four color art–archival poster reminds us of the creativity we enjoy when using MODX. Inspired by Travis himself, it reminds us we love what we do. And it reminds us this community of ours isn't just about pushing software and pixels around. That is why 100% of proceeds for each poster sold will be donated directly to Travis.

High quality art archival screen print. Printed by hand in Portland, Or.

I'd like to thank the artist, Robb Sturtcman (@spectralnight) of Zia Art, for his incredible talents. His work never ceases to amaze me. As I am now in the Netherlands, Kori Rush (@frogabog) is overseeing shipping and handling. Many thanks to her and her family for getting these posters to wherever it is they'll be enjoyed.

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EU fulfillment is suspended until mid January 2017.


I'd also like to thank our logo sponsors. In various ways, these sponsors helped make this initiative possible by contributing to the initial investment and marketing to get this art printed.

Are you a MODX Ambassador with a meetup scheduled within the next three months? I'd love to send you some posters to present and sell at your next meetup. Drop me a line and an address.