MODX Bug Hunt

March 3, 2017 will see the first international MODX Bug Hunt! A memorable event where the international MODX community will collaborate for a full day to fix as many issues as possible from the MODX issue tracker on Github.

The MODX Revolution issue tracker is steadily decreasing, thanks to a magnificent community-effort. There's still 800+ issues though. That's why we want to take a giant leap by doing a full day of fixes, testing and merging pull-requests!


The MODX Bug Hunt will feature a livestream on YouTube from the Sterc HQ. Sterc will also host several shows during the day to update the participants on the progress.

Prizes and giveaways!

Yes, besides getting major thanks from the whole community, you can also win prizes for fixing bugs during the MODX Bug Hunt. Also, unique badges will be awarded after the hunt. Who doesn't want to be called the "Evasion ninja" for closing the most issues which can't be reproduced.

Some prizes: bounties (€) for doing the best fixes, t-shirts, stickers, hosting and premium extras!

Participate from your own office or join Sterc at their HQ

Everybody can participate in the MODX Bug Hunt from their homes or offices, but are also welcome to join the Sterc, and modmore team at Sterc's HQ. There will be free food & beverages and Sterc will take good care of you.

Let's make this an amazing day! Join us by visiting the MODX Bug Hunt website or the page.