There has been a magnificent MODX marketplace for 4 years now, which has grown to enormous proportions with 200+ quality paid & free extras, 9000+ users and nearly 150.000 downloads. This marketplace has been covered by a sense of mystery for most of you, unless you know Russian or are willing to use Google Translate for every page. This marketplace is known as and is now available in English!

The Russian-speaking community had expressed a need for an own marketplace, including the possibility for paid extras. Therefore, was launched in June 2013 by Vasily Naumkin, Leonid Krylov and Vitaly Doshchenko. They also provide, where you can test many paid packages for free. It started off as a Russian-only website, but an English version has been the number 1 feature request from the very start.

The store itself has been translated to English now, thanks to a huge effort by Vasily & Vitaly. It is now up to the authors of all the extras to translate their work into English, so they can be made available to the English part of the marketplace.

How does work for Extra-users?

Using an extra from is exactly the same as using a regular extra. There is one additional step required: adding the package provider. Vitaly made an excellent video about this process:

Connection to Modstore from Vitaly Doshchenko on Vimeo.

Want to sell your own extra?

Selling/Releasing your extra on is very straightforward. Just create it from your account. Be aware though: has a high reputation when it comes to quality. Therefore, your documentation and images need to be of the highest quality and they will be checked before anything is published. charges around 30% per sale for using the marketplace. This includes:

  • A MODX repository which helps your clients to stay up-to-date
  • A support platform
  • Payment gateway(s)

How are my extras protected from being copied?

It is important to understand that you're not actually selling a plugin, but you're selling a one-year license, which means one year of support and updates for that plugin. If you do copy a plugin to another site, it will not show any available updates and you don't get any support at all.

In short, no copy protection, but a license-model.

A nice addition to this license model is lifetime discount. If you purchase a license for an extra now, you get 10% discount on your next license for that extra. You can get a discount up to 50% this way.

Excited yet? Check out the new English version of!