As announced earlier, the 2017 MODXpo will take place on November 11th and 12th. The organisation has been working hard on the event, which has resulted in more info about the venue, schedule, tickets, speakers and some travel tips!

The venue will once again be at 210 METROV, the same venue where the 2015 MODX Meetup was held, except for one little difference: the main room will be 200 square meters and we'll have separate workshop rooms!

Day 1: Talks

The schedule will have one full day of talks, performed by community stars like Graeme Leighfield, Vasily Naumkin, Ivan Klimchuk and Gauke Pieter Sietzema. The full schedule can be found here. There are still some spots to fill, so please contact the MODXpo 2017 team if you've got something up your sleeve!

Day 2: Workshops

The second day will be packed with workshops. The last MODXpo in Munich also had workshops, which all saw very good attendance. Let's repeat that!


The ticket price has been set at 99BYN per ticket. You'll get two days full of MODX goodness, including food throughout the day and a tour through Minsk. Expect most of the community heading to a bar together after each day to relax and enjoy some local drinks.

You can get your tickets through

Getting to Minsk

A lot of Western European and US citizens haven't visited Belarus yet and might be hesitant to do so. Our MODX-friends from Sterc have traveled the whole continent for MODX Meetups though, including Kazakhstan and Belarus. Gauke Pieter: "Traveling to Minsk was as easy as traveling to Munich: flying from Amsterdam with a decent airplane, landing on a really neat airport and traveling to our Minsk city center Hotel was a breeze. The taxis we used all had Wifi, which was really useful.If you don't like taxis: there's a very good subway. The hotel had high standards and beautiful big rooms. The best part: the people from Belarus are very kind and helpful.".

The MODXpo Minsk website will be populated with a good overview of options for your hotel of choice. If you're in doubt, just contact the MODXpo 2017 team.

See you in Minsk!