Earlier this year, MODX3 was all the rage, with weekly updates and an immense sprint that was actively reported on social media and here, on MODX.today.

Since the final MODX3 project statement in July, which included a first alpha build for testing, it has been a bit quieter. At least, from a communication perspective.

So.. what's happening?

Most importantly, the work on MODX3 is on-going. Since the first alpha build, the work on the interface has continued, 2000+ lines of stale code have been removed, people have focused on nitty gritty details, and lots of other improvements are still waiting to be approved.

The "MODX3 project" as led by the Sterc team, with the weekly updates and significant funding to dedicate time to it, ended - as planned - in July.

But MODX3 as the next major version of MODX Revolution is still progressing. Not quite as quickly as during the funded sprint, but as quickly as real humans spending (largely unpaid) time on a big open source project can keep the wheels turning.

At the moment, the focus has shifted towards MODX 2.7. This interim release will bring a whole bunch of amazing new features as well. Things like custom error handlers, form customization for create and update in a single set, various password related improvements, better automatic template assignments, purging old package versions, and lots more are on the way in 2.7. The recent MODX Bug Hunt in Cologne also focused on testing as much of 2.7 as possible.

2.7 needs to be completed first, in order to bring 2.7 and 3.0 back in sync. The branches for 2.7 and 3.0 have diverged a while ago, with both branches carrying new features and improvements. Combining these, so 3.0 has all the changes 2.7 has as well, will not be an easy task. To avoid as much duplicate work as possible, that merge is on hold until 2.7 has been released.

That does mean 3.0 is not quite ready for prime-time. There are also no firm timeframes for when it will be, which can be discouraging, but MODX3 is definitely not forgotten.