Let's get the MODX Community blood pumping again!

As we all have seen, there hasn't been a MODX Event in quite some time. The SnowUp in the iconic Gasthaus Grünenwald, Engelberg, Switzerland unfortunately can't take place as it usually does at this time of year. Many had hoped that 2021 would see a revitalisation of the MODX events that we are accustomed to: MODXpo, SnowUp, and regional and local MeetUps. The MODX Community that we have all grown to love has been waning and needing a kick in the butt to get it going. Some action is of course happening in the forum and in the Slack channel, but for many, these physical events have been part of the attraction to MODX.

This has led us to the decision to make the SnowUp digital this year! We will be bringing the spirit of the event to your screen through interactive video and chat. It will look something like this:

March 4th: The Social Event

Starting around 16:00 (CET) on March 4th, we will open up a social platform that will emulate a real get-together scenario. If you have signed up for the event, you will get a secret link per E-Mail that will allow you to enter. Here you can easily mingle with others through audio and video. You will be able to walk around and enter or leave conversations as you desire. Just as in real life!

At 17:00 we will be starting a live video stream with your host Fabian Christen and special guests Gauke Sietzema and Ben Davis.

After opening words have been said, we will have 3 presentations, each 30 Minutes long. After each presentation, we will offer 15 Minutes of open Q&A, where questions in the chat will be answered live. The content of the presentations have yet to be determined, but we have something in mind!

After the presentations, which should be around 19:45, go back to the socializing where you started. Here you will also be able to have private conversations with others and ask more questions, or just share a beer! It's up to you!

March 5th: Getting Down and Dirty - the Bug Hunt

March 5th will be a whole day of bug hunting. This is coincidentally the 4th SnowUp AND 4th BugHunt!

The BugHunt will take place using the same video streaming portal as the day before. We will be starting early in the morning with some opening words, where we will give you the rules of the hunt. As we want to bring out MODX 3, we will be focusing on MODX 3 issues and testing plus getting those MODX Extras compatible. Getting things ready for PHP8 would also not be a bad idea! A priority list will be provided and if we are lucky, we will see the return of Bounties!

Throughout the day will be be having updates via video stream plus also other presentations. Content is depending on who volunteers! If you have something you want to share, write us a mail here: bd+bughunt@seda.digital


Where can I sign up for this awesome event! Please register your attendance here at vi.to. The official agenda can also be found there. You will also be able to see who is attending and chat with them there!

Hope to see you!