Today modmore officially released Big Brother v2. This major release was built to support Google Analytics v4. The development was partially funded by a crowdfunding campaign.

Big Brother is a dashboard widget for MODX that provides you with visitor statistics at a glance, showing you how well your site is performing with a selection of charts and metrics. It was originally built way back in 2011, and with MODX3 support it's now ready for the future. 

Because Google Analytics v3 and v4 are incompatible, you will need to take care to select the right version of Big Brother for your site.

  • For Google Analytics v3 (aka "Universal Analytics", typically properties created before 2021), you'll need to use Big Brother v1.5. v1.5  can be installed from the modmore package provider.
  • For Google Analytics v4 (new properties), you'll need to use Big Brother v2. This is the latest version, and available from both MODX and modmore package providers.

If you're not sure which version you're using, see this support article. That also includes a compatibility matrix showing what versions of MODX are supported.