The second official release candidate for MODX3 is now available. This release includes 20 bug fixes compared to the first release candidate, just two weeks ago, so a special shout-out to everyone that's been testing and helping with getting this release ready.

For a summary of what's new in MODX3, see this article from two weeks ago.

These are the changes in rc2 compared to rc1:

  • Increase the specificity for dashboard table CSS rules (#15979)
  • Revert passing script variables by reference (#16030)
  • Prevent random container conversion on resource move (#16001)
  • Apply JSON_INVALID_UTF8_SUBSTITUTE flag to json_encode (#16025)
  • Make MessageBox minWidth configurable (#15996)
  • Change Children to composite relation for modUserGroup (#15968)
  • Improve regex for stripping MODX tags in dashboard widgets (#15974)
  • Fix selecting parent in quick create resource (#16002)
  • Add cache-busting to manager JS (#16016)(#16026)
  • Fix 'undefined' error if TV under content (#16008)
  • Split logs permission into mgr_log_view/erase (#15981)
  • Improve stripmodxtags output filter (#15975)
  • Remove unnecessary uses of deprecated strftime() (#15999)
  • Mark modX::parseChunk as deprecated (#15978)
  • Fix Zend OPcache API warning when upgrading MODX (#15911)
  • Fix aliases for resource controllers (#15997)
  • Fix disabled trash button (#15994)
  • Fix blank page when creating dashboard widget (#15987)
  • Fix empty files not being clickable in the file tree (#15985)
  • Display username in user menu (#15973)
  • Switch resource_preview to resource_view (#15902)

The new release candidate can be downloaded from (see announcement here) and can also be remotely upgraded via SiteDash. The update should also be available in MODX Cloud shortly. 

For the release candidates, we recommend not updating production websites directly, but it's perfect to use when starting on new projects.