While the official announcement on MODX.com seems to be a little delayed, MODX 3.0.3 is available as of yesterday!

This 3rd release of MODX3 improves stability further with a variety of bug fixes. Notable changes include a PHPthumb update that resolves fatal errors in certain cases on PHP8, per-widget error handling on the dashboard, some fixed issues with TV configurations, and more.

Changelog for 3.0.3:

  • Fix cache_resource_clear_partial functionality (#16346)
  • Add new error reporting for grids (#16331)
  • Fix Validation Error When Switching TV Types (#16319)
  • Fix TypeError exceptions when restoring deleted resources (#16303)
  • Permissions Combo Fix (#16273)
  • Grid filtering via URL parameters -- Usergroup ACL (#16089)
  • Fix issues with TV Media Sources upgrading from 2.x (#16338)
  • Update legacy Element class references for PropertySets (#16337)
  • Ensure modHashing::getHash is limited to modHash instances (#16320)
  • Catch dashboard widget errors on a per-widget basis (#16289)

The update is available on the MODX site, can be installed remotely with SiteDash, and of course is also available as upgrade target in MODX Cloud, and with UpgradeMODX .