On August 1st, 2020 all premium MODX Extras created by Sterc will be free. We have decided to stop with paid MODX plugins so we can focus on our core-business. This is of course creating awesome websites and web applications based on MODX and especially MODX3.

MODX3 March 2019 Update

The MODX Meetup in Amsterdam is approaching quickly. Around 150 people will attend the event with speakers from around the globe. MODX3 will also be a hot topic during the event.

The 2nd term of the MODX Advisory Board

2017 was good to MODX with lots of meetups, bug hunts, a MODXpo, hackathons, hundreds of bug fixes, various improvements, exciting new community initiatives and regular MODX releases. 2018 will produce the results with the launch of MODX3. A lot of input for MODX3 comes from the first MODX Advisory Board and it is time to have a second term.

MODXpo Minsk 2017 Recap

Minsk was the stage of the most significant MODX event of the year: MODXpo. Nearly 100 people visited the two-day event, which featured talks about bespoke development, technical SEO, MODX and progressive web-apps, connecting hardware with MODX and a vast collaborative session about setting up database deployments for MODX.

MODX Revolution 2.6.0 released

With 117 improvements covering the entire platform, this represents a huge amount of work and boon for Revo site owners and users. The focus of this release was to increase stability and improve the user experience in the MODX Manager, boost overall performance and make it easier for developers to create MODX solutions.

Get your MODXpo Minsk tickets now!

2 Full days jam-packed with MODX activities organised for you & the community. Presentations & workshops delivered by seasoned MODX Developers. Besides that, there's a lot of the usual informal activities - Minsk is calling!

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